Next Level CTA

Highly successful CEO rely on their core teams to run their business.


A perfectly aligned core team helps you chart your course. Weather storms. And reach your next destination.

So you end up working even harder. Spend more time in your business. And less time for yourself and your family.

The Core Team Alignment program aligns your leaders with your growth vision.

Getting your core team to take coordinated action is like pushing a boulder uphill. Though leadership teams add extra horsepower - it feels like they’re running in different directions. Growth slows. Profits don’t scale with revenues. Your stress increases.

So you end up working even harder. Spend more time in your business. And less time on yourself and your family.

The Core Team Alignment program helps align your core team with your vision for the company.

It helps them capitalize on their strengths...

Recognize and manage their weaknesses...

And understand team dynamics.

So they trust and support each other, collaborate more confidently, and execute flawlessly.

Scaling a business should be exciting. Never frustrating and certainly never scary.

The CTA gets the core leadership team to focus on the 4 pillars that drive business growth.



Are customers, stakeholders and employees happy? Does the leadership team have the right people in the right positions?



Are current strategies producing results? Or do new plans need to be put in place to increase profitability?



Are tasks being completed on time? Are projects being delivered within stipulated timelines and budgets?



Is the business producing sufficient cash to fuel growth?

The Core Team Alignment gives your leadership team the tools to figure out the answers to these questions.


Excellence of execution. Increased Cash generation. Profits that 3x or even 5x current industry averages.

A leadership team that’s perfectly aligned and works shoulder-to-shoulder with you can help reduce the time you spend managing the business by 80% so you can focus on the activities necessary to drive growth and boost profitability - without being a slave to your business.



Full-day monthly workshops

We follow a 2:1:1 rhythm each quarter. Two days in January, one day each in February and March. And this cycle repeats every quarter.



Rajesh hosts two webinars during the month. These are designed as assignment tutorials and help you gain deep insights into what’s being taught.


Laser Coaching

A 30-minute teleconferencing session with Rajesh that helps you solve your biggest business bottlenecks. Students receive enormous breakthroughs working one-on-one with Rajesh, who is deeply committed to making you win.


Rajesh on-demand

Rajesh is available to you for anything you need during the course of the program. If you have sleepless nights, Rajesh will be willing to help even at 5 am. He follows a simple philosophy. He doesn’t want to sleep if you can’t sleep.

Having said that, we ask that you use this privilege sparingly, honoring the great amount of respect and regard Rajesh has for you.

This privilege is strictly reserved for business emergencies where you need an experienced sounding board to help you craft a workable strategy to move forward.


The Levelup App

The App helps maximize your ROI and simplifies your engagement. It holds you accountable by sending you reminders for Action Plans you will create on a weekly basis.

The App provides all the insights Rajesh needs to serve you. You are strongly encouraged to include the App in your daily life and spend at least 10 minutes updating your status.

/ CEOs like you share their experience of building teams aligned with their core vision.

“We were slowly pushed out of our comfort zones, made to focus relentlessly on clients and build a growth momentum that hasn’t slowed down ever since. We increased our GP by over US$ 3.25 Million within 2 years.”


Sajith Ansar

Founder & CEO, Idea Spice

“Rajesh’s depth of knowledge, focus, tenacity, and total commitment to draw out the best leadership capabilities from within each one in my team is truly amazing. He engages us, challenges us, and pushes us right out of our comfort zones.”


Ruth Muiruri

Director, Wilmar Flowers

“My book ‘Scaling Up’ is a required reading in the CTA program to learn how to scale up and create a company where the team is engaged, the customers are doing your marketing and everyone is making money.”


Verne Harnish

Founder, EO Organization

“Rajesh has been our business coach for many years. He has enabled our team to be open to dialogue and build a free exchange of ideas. Our top line grew from US$ 100M to US$ 300 M.”


Hari Padmanabhan

Ex-Deputy Global Deputy CEO, 3i Infotech

The point?

What I teach WORKS.

Increase Alignment In Your Core Team To Accelerate Stagnating Growth



  • How much does the program cost?Down Arrow

    The Core Team Alignment program is a 12-month program designed to bring your team together and empower them to create value for your business.

    The Program investment is as follows:

    $2500 per month in the group Core Team Alignment program.

    $5000 per month in the in-house Core Team Alignment program.

  • Can I invite my core team members to the program?Down Arrow

    Yes, that’s highly recommended. Feel free to choose 8 members for the group Core Team Alignment program and up to 20 members for the inhouse Core Team Alignment program.

  • What if I don't see the results you promise?Down Arrow

    The Core Team Alignment program has worked for all the 350 CEOs I’ve taught it to. And I know it will work for you too.

    Here’s how it works.

    • 1Diligently implement the tools and techniques I teach you.
    • 2Provide monthly updates on your progress and results.
    • 3Ask for help if you face difficulties with implementing any of the techniques you’ve learned.

    If you fail to achieve significant results personally and professionally at any time during the program, let me know.

    I will give you a quick and courteous refund. No questions asked.

    There’s something I want you to know: In my 30 years of experience, I have never come across any participant who has implemented the tools and techniques taught in our programs and failed to achieve significant results.

    I stand firmly by my guarantee.

    You risk nothing as long as you give it your best shot.

  • How do I apply for the program?Down Arrow

    Fill out the application form completely so we know the details surrounding your current situation. Once it’s determined that you are right for the program, we'll get back to you with the next steps for enrollment.

    Note: Please fill out all application fields completely. These questions are designed to paint an accurate portrait of where you and your organization currently stand. We will not be able to proceed with partially filled applications.

    You can expect to hear back from us in a day or two with details of your first Laser Coaching Session.

    Click the link below to get started.

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